What To Bring

John Dormi & Sons Funeral Home will help you be prepared

When there is a death, even away from home, you can call our Bronx funeral home, day or night, no matter what the hour. John Dormi & Sons Funeral Home will handle all funeral arrangements. We will help you make a checklist of everything you need to bring or send. We will also let you know about any personal information we need, to complete everything for you as quickly as possible.

What to bring to Funeral Arrangements

This list is meant to be a place to start. Our Bronx funeral home will be there to help you every step of the way.

Social Security number of person who has died
Discharge papers or Active Service papers
Names and e-mails of persons to be notified
Insurance Policies
Deeds to burial property
List of favorite music, bible verses or poetry – If none preferred, we have a full music library with suggestions
Correct spelling of deceased and all surviving family members
Church affiliation with preferred clergy person or other officiant for us to contact – If none preferred, we can help
List of affiliations from work or charitable organizations

Online Funeral Arrangement Form

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